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Ben + Lyndsay: Winter Cape Cod Home Engagement Session + Cape Cod Engagement Session

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Prior to Ben and Lyndsay’s gorgeous, wintry Cape Cod engagement session, Lyndsay and I had already met! As a backstory, I feel like there’s a phrase I’m saying fairly often in my life, and it’s “Lauren and Chad”. Lauren and Chad came to me in 2014 for their own engagement session and wedding, and since that meeting, I’ve photographed nearly every single friend of theirs in this same moment in their lives, and truthfully, it blows my mind every time. We’re one big “Lauren and Chad” family, and I love every single one of them. Ben and Lyndsay are two members of that family, and even though it’d been a little over 2 years since I’d seen them at Lauren and Chad’s wedding, it felt like I was seeing great friends again. Lots of laughter, tons of smoochin’, and after, I got to spend the evening with the two of them and Ben’s parents at a fabulous restaurant. It was the perfect way to get to know them, and I cannot WAIT to see all of them tomorrow!


How They Met: Ben and I met at Roanoke College during our junior year in Quantitative Methods class – he sat diagonally in front of me! We became friends through a mutual friend in another one of our psychology courses, who I later learned was his roommate. We’ve known each other for 7 years! We were friends for 2 years (while we were still in college) and after we graduated and he went back to Massachusetts. We rekindled from afar and began dating. We made a pact to see each other every month to a month and a half which actually worked out pretty well since I was in graduate school and was planted in VA for at least 2-2.5 years. In my last clinical during graduate school, we kissed long-distance goodbye and we moved in together in Mount Pleasant, SC to lay down our roots in a neutral, new location. After my clinical was completed, we were open to moving elsewhere where we had family/friends and were more comfortable with the area and starting our careers. In January 2016, we landed back in Massachusetts and have been together ever since!

The Proposal: Ben took me to Martha’s Vineyard on August 4th, strategically planning this trip so that it was the weekend when my brother was visiting us this summer and he could be there to be a part of it! We got in that night and went out for drinks around the Vineyard with my brother and his girlfriend at the time. I definitely felt like if it happened this weekend, it would be really good timing since it was somewhere I had wanted to go for so long! August 5th morning comes and Ben was trying so hard to get all of us to get dressed up for brunch – which I was like, “No way! Let’s just roll in there in sweats, because we may want to work out later or walk on the beach or something!” He seemed annoyed by this, which I didn’t pay any attention to at the time. We explored Edgartown and had brunch, and then it looks like it might start raining! So we are on our way back home when Ben has this idea to go walking on the beach… when it looks like the sky is about to open up?? So of course again, I try to shoot the idea down but he insisted. So we go to Joseph Sylvia State Beach on August 5th, mid-afternoon, where he proposed to me out on a jetty! It was so cute because we were just standing there hugging, and he started saying sweet things about our relationship and me, so I tried to pull back to look at him and it felt like he was resisting me looking at him! I couldn’t get out of his grasp (but really he has his hands behind my back trying to get the ring box out of his jacket pocket) and then it happened! Down on one knee and I forgot to say yes – totally a Lyndsay moment. As we are walking back, that’s when I got emotional because I saw my brother and it just was like a little piece from home was there with me to witness this, so I fell in love with Ben even more right then for being so thoughtful and just knowing I needed Jeremy, my brother, to be a part of this weekend. I was so surprised it happened at the time that it happened because I thought if it happened that weekend, it would most likely be after dinner or right before, because, of course, we would be all dressed up. Which he was trying to get me to do in the first place that morning! (I will never forget he was wearing this pineapple t-shirt and I was in a sweatshirt, haha!) We went back home, sat on the porch and popped the bubbly with my brother and played “Phrase Party” until we had to get ready for dinner at this beautiful restaurant in Edgartown to celebrate!

The Perfect Date Night: Did anyone say take-out? But really…that is usually our Friday night with Netflix in the mix. However, we do love a good reservation at one of our favorite spots (Tigermama, Barcelona, or Nico) or trying out a new place around Boston. We love getting dressed up (side note from their photographer here: they have AMAZING style as a couple!!!) and being able to spend time with one another. We usually have a cocktail at home, have Uber take us to dinner, and have a nightcap together when we get back. We are total foodies!

As A Couple: We love that we are always able to have a good time together. Our time is always filled with laughter, joking around about our quirks, and lifting each other up when necessary.. or even when it is not necessary. There is so much mutual respect between us and that is something we both probably value the most about our relationship. Ben is the total rock in the relationship – always calming and rational which is so needed for Lyndsay who is quick to “sweat the small stuff.” Lyndsay is the organized thinker in the ways Ben needs it most (think: where did I put my keys? let’s just go to the grocery store and wing it. have you seen my beanie? sure we can go to that event – even though I do not realize this, because I don’t use my google calendar, but we have another prior engagement that evening.) We both totally complement each other to create a balanced, loving relationship. He is her strength in her weakness and she is his compass for his direction. (Gah! You guys!)


Their Cape Cod engagement session took place in Duxbury, Massachusetts, where Ben’s parents live in this beautiful home right on the water. Even though it was February in Massachusetts, and bitterly cold, it was simply stunning. The warm, golden winter sunset light coming through the windows while they cuddled up on the couch, the fireplace going in the background. Their stolen kisses and sexy giggles on the kitchen counter, a glass of champagne poured. The cuddled up walk they took to the dock at sunset, and the gorgeous snow still on the ground from the last storm. The dormant, warm marsh grasses and the way Ben brushes Lyndsay’s hair out of her eyes. I’m pretty sure at this point you can tell I’m in love, so, I think you get the picture. (Apparently, I’m in the mood to foreshadow here, so let’s share a little about the two of them via photos! But before I do, be sure to lend these two some love, because they get MARRIED tomorrow here in Virginia!!)


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