I'm so excited that you found your way here!! After having spent the last few years focused solely on weddings, I found myself wishing that I could capture the days beyond "I do". I've found myself wanting to capture all of life's great love stories. Your homes, your daily life, your new additions.  So, this is where the fun begins and where you get to tell me your vision, and I get to help tell your stories. Whether it's an adventure session, an anniversary celebration on a sail boat, or time spent at home, let's chat!



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Session collections begin at $400. For family and #beyondtheday sessions, collections begin at $400, while a day-in-the-life session begins at $1500 and includes 4 hours and a 10 x 10 linen album. 


So what should you expect from my session photography?
It's authentic. It's candid. It's moments captured.

My goal is to create images that reflect your style and your emotion. I edit in a way that accurately portrays where you are and who you're with in that moment. Sometimes that means it's cozy and warm, sometimes it's bright and whimsical. You may be pouring tea in your warm, quaint kitchen. Cuddled up on your big, cozy bed with your pups. Or you're wrapped up in a blanket on a chilly fall day at sunset kissing your love.

 It's about the intimacy, the season, and the elements surrounding you that make up that moment.

I live for those candid moments. I'm on the hunt for those silly little moments, the crazy, sexy chemistry, and even the moments of vulnerability. Of real life. The messy and the beautiful. Perfectly imperfect. It's about the laughter that makes your sides ache, the hustle and bustle of every day life, and knowing that in this moment, you're family. My session photography is meant to capture life as it is. 
Soaking in the moments.