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It might sound cheesy, but the reason I love being a wedding photographer has a lot to do with the man with whom I share my life. When I married my husband, Herrick, in 2006, I had no idea I'd be laughing my way through such an incredible adventure. My passion for capturing your story quite literally starts at home for me. It's in every hand held, in every "I'm sorry" we aren't afraid to say, in every slow dance in the kitchen, and in every happy tear shed when we've stopped to soak it all in. I truly believe in two people madly in love living an amazing adventure and shamelessly telling the world all about it. 


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I'm a boho soul who loves bare feet, a great pair of blue jeans, wildflowers, crisp mountain air, and a great adventure.



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I believe in big love.

You're engaged!!! If the excitement hasn't sunk in yet, take a second to reflect on it and glow, my friend! You're on the hunt for YOUR perfect photographer, right? Years from now, you want to look back on the photographs of this incredibly eventful, blissful time in your life and go, "I remember it like it was yesterday."  You want that romantic glance to give you the butterflies like it did that day. You want that soft, golden light and warm breeze to feel as though it's dancing through your veil again. You want to feel that overwhelming feeling of gratitude and connection when you see your best friends huddled around you during one final toast before you say yes to forever. 

You want to relive every single moment.

That's where I come in! My style of photography is authentic. It's timeless and it's luminous. It's emotional. I live for those candid moments of adoring glances, tears wiped away, and laughter that makes your sides ache.  I believe in leaving you confident enough to be present in every single moment, knowing I'm there, inconspicuously working my hardest to make sure your memories are perfectly preserved. (Ninja status!!) If you fear feeling awkward in front of the camera, worry not, my friend. My mission is to guide you during portrait time in such a way that authentic, real emotion evolves on its own.  My goal is for the two of you to feel comfortable with me, to keep it simple, and to keep it about you.

So who am I? 

I’m a Florida-born, transplanted city girl who loves her deeply rooted mountain life in Virginia. I'm a military brat with ocean water in my blood and the mountain air in my soul. I’m a UCONN Husky with a Master's degree in nutrition. (I'm dying to start a cookbook!) I balance my inner foodie with my love for running and yoga. I love a great pair of shoes, a gorgeous eyeshadow palette, and being cozied up in a giant sweater. I obsess over calligraphy and anything that keeps my creative mind aflutter. My heart beats for the arts and the sciences, so I'm always driven to nurture the artist and the scientist. I’m a hopelessly romantic sap who cries over every little joy in life…including yours. So heads up - we'll be crying together!

I absolutely love being out in nature, especially the mountains. Tent camping, hiking to a waterfall, warming up around a bonfire, sitting on giant river rocks, on the beach, you name it. Gimme gimme.

Take me outside.

I'm a list maker. I hand-write notes. I have three planners that organize my life: goals, timelines, and clients. I have more pens, markers, and ink than a normal person should.  No shame!

I love to write.

I have my Masters of Science in Nutrition with a concentration in Nutrition Education. I'm obsessed with cookbooks and I may or may not have one in my long-term plans!

I am a nutrition nerd.

Give me a fabulous pair of shoes, a gorgeous eyeshadow palette, a little something that sparkles, and the perfect nude lipgloss, and I'm a happy girl.

I'm a total girl's girl.


I would love nothing more than getting the chance to connect with my couples. So if we are able, let's get together for some coffee and to share a hug & if we are too far apart, it's amazing what a little social media and phone call fun can do for a friendship! Here's what I'm up to ...

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