my why

My why is very simple, very personal, and incredibly fulfilling.
 Human connection.

It's about the footprints I leave behind, the people I meet, the hugs I give, and the stories I get to tell. It's more than just photographs. It's capturing emotion and telling stories without words. It's about eternalizing our lives.

Over the last few years of photographing weddings, I've found that the connections I've made with my couples simply don't end at the delivery of a gallery. They're buying new homes, starting families, and celebrating anniversaries.
I want my work to tell your stories, to help leave behind your legacies. To let you live in your moments and to present you with a tangible way to hold on to those memories. With emotional, authentic photographs.
Where does this passion for life's great love stories come from?
The crazy, cheesy love I have for my husband and the overwhelming love I have for our girls. It comes from our big, goofy Great Dane, our hound dog who knows nothing about personal space, and our beautiful country home that holds so many family memories from the time it all began.

It comes from a place of gratitude. It comes from deep within my heart.

About Melissa

Flashy Mama Photography

I'm a boho soul who loves a flowy sundress and a big, comfy sweater, bare feet and a great pair of riding boots, wildflowers and palm trees, and crisp mountain air and salty sea spray. And a great, big adventure.



I’m a Florida-born, transplanted city girl who found her way back to what really makes her heart explode. I love my deeply rooted mountain life in Virginia, but I just can't let go of my island beginning. I've been married since 2006, and we have two incredibly bright, beautiful little girls. I'm a military brat with ocean water in my blood and the mountain air in my soul. I’m a UCONN and Northeastern Husky! I balance my inner foodie with my love for running and yoga. I love a great pair of shoes (give me all the boots!), freshly painted toenails, a gorgeous eyeshadow palette, and being cozied up in a giant sweater. But man do I love my bare feet in the sand, being face-to-face with a coral reef full of life, and a good, breezy day on a boat. I obsess over calligraphy and anything that keeps my creative heart aflutter. My heart truly beats for the arts and for the sciences, so I'm always driven to nurture the artist and the scientist. I’m a hopelessly romantic sap who cries over every little joy in life…including yours. (And don't get me on commercials and rom coms.) So heads up - we'll be crying together! 

Flashy Mama Photography

Because no matter what season in life you find yourselves, what it all comes down to is the two of you. Marriage is an adventure. No matter where you were then, now, or in the end, life will be experienced together. 

So, if you plan to begin your forever with an adventure, contact me. Let's dream together. Let's make some plans.



1. Ireland
2. Rocky Mountain National Park
3. Yosemite
4. Hawaii
5. The Galapagos Islands
6. Scotland
7. Banff
8. The Alps
9. Patagonia
10. Norway
11. Greece
13. Iceland
14. The California Coast
15. The Pacific Northwest
16. Australia + New Zealand

if you're up for the adventure, come say hey...

Born in the Florida Keys and rooted in the Virginia Blue Ridge Mountains. I'm drawn to their vast views, their gorgeous wildlife, and just how grateful I am to be a part of this planet.
A small, humble part. 

my soul is in
ocean + ridge

Anyone who knows me, knows I'm always dreaming and always chasing a goal! List making gets me there, and I'm slightly obsessed with checking things off. 

daydreaming. goal setting. list making.

My educational background is in nutrition! I have a Masters of Science in Nutrition with a concentration in Nutrition Education.  And yes. There is a BIG project in the future!

nerding out over nutrition


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